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Police warn of ‘series of thefts’ from cars on Stanmore Hill and Dennis Lane

Stanmore Park Police in Harrow have issued a warning to residents in the Stanmore area after a series of thefts from cars occurred overnight on Stanmore Hill and Dennis Lane.

The police took to Twitter today (3 April) to urge residents to take necessary precautions to prevent further incidents.

In their tweet, the police advised Stanmore residents to double-check that their car doors are locked and not to leave any valuable items on display. They also encouraged people to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity. The police believe that thieves may be targeting the area due to the easy access to parked cars on the street.

Residents have been advised to ensure that they do not leave anything valuable visible inside their cars, such as electronic devices, wallets, or bags. It is also recommended that car owners consider installing an alarm system or immobilizer to deter potential thieves.

This serves as a timely reminder for all car owners to take precautions and safeguard their vehicles against theft. By following simple steps such as locking car doors and not leaving any valuable items visible, residents can help to deter potential thieves and keep their belongings safe.

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