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CCTV cameras to be installed in Harrow to tackle fly-tipping

Harrow Council has announced plans to tackle the growing problem of fly tipping in the borough by installing 15 new mobile CCTV cameras in fly-tipping hot spots.

In a video posted by the council, Cllr Anjana Patel, Cabinet Member for Environment and Community Safety, spoke out about the issue and outlined the council’s plans to tackle it.

“Fly tipping isn’t just disgusting, it’s a criminal offence as well and it makes areas unpleasant to live in,” said Cllr Patel in the video.

CCTV cameras to be installed in Harrow to tackle fly-tipping Harrow Online
15 CCTC cameras like this one to be installed in Harrow. Credit: Harrow Council

“Like our residents, we are fed up with seeing this happen in Harrow. That is why we are going to get tough on enforcement with the CCTV cameras.”

Cllr Patel highlighted the importance of restoring pride in the community and making those responsible for fly tipping pay for their actions.

“We are going to bring back pride in the community and make those ruining the borough pay,” she said.

The new cameras will be used to catch those who illegally dump waste in the area and provide evidence for enforcement.

“Fifteen mobile CCTV cameras like this one will be placed in fly-tipping hot spots, it will help us reduce fly tipping, and where we have the evidence, we will bring the law onto those shamelessly dumping waste illegally in our borough,” said Cllr Patel.

CCTV cameras to be installed in Harrow to tackle fly-tipping Harrow Online
Credit: Harrow Council

The move has been welcomed by residents who have long been concerned about the impact of fly tipping on the area.

Many hope that the cameras will act as a deterrent and improve the overall appearance of the borough.

“I am very happy that Harrow Council is taking steps to reduce fly tipping. It’s a big problem in our area and it’s good to see the council taking it seriously,” said a member of Harrow Online in response to the news.

The installation of the new cameras is just one part of the council’s wider efforts to tackle environmental crime in the area.

The council has also increased fines for those caught fly tipping and introduced a free bulky waste collection service.

It remains to be seen how the council’s plans to install CCTV cameras in fly-tipping hot spots will be received by the wider community, please feel free to comment via the Harrow Online Group and let us know your feedback.

As Cllr Patel said in the video, “We are determined to take action and make our borough a better place to live in.”