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Huge Eid Festival to be held in Kenton Recreation Ground

Harrow residents are gearing up for a fun-filled weekend at the upcoming 1Eid Festival 2023, set to take place at Kenton Recreation Park.

1Eid Festival, which has been running for almost two decades, has become one of the largest Eid events in London and promises to provide a safe and enjoyable event for all attendees.

The festival will begin with Eid prayers led by heart-moving Imams and Speakers at 10AM on either Friday 21st or Saturday 22nd April 2023, depending on the sighting of the moon.

Huge Eid Festival to be held in Kenton Recreation Ground Harrow Online
Kenton Recreation Ground. Credit: Google Maps

Men and women are both welcome, and attendees are advised to come with wudhu. Onsite parking will be available for the entire day for £5.

Following the Eid prayers, the celebrations will kick off at 1PM and continue until 10PM on Eid day and 9PM on Saturday and Sunday. Visitors can look forward to a full Eid fair with special attractions such as firework displays, donkey rides, circus performers, and fire jugglers. The festival will also feature a funfair, beach, and bazaar throughout the weekend.

However, the organisers of the 1Eid Festival are not a big business or corporation, and the rental of the grounds is the biggest cost of the event. As a result, they are requesting attendees to make a small donation to help cover the costs and avoid going into debt.

The festival is run entirely by volunteers who give up their Eid day to serve the community and help out with all the organisation and event management.

Organisers are urging attendees to register online to help them gauge expected numbers and cater to attendees safely. They are also encouraging anyone who is interested to volunteer for the event and end their Ramadan with a mountain of good deeds.

Huge Eid Festival to be held in Kenton Recreation Ground Harrow Online
Credit: Unsplash

The 1Eid Festival is for the community by the community, and donations are welcome to sustain the event for years to come. The donations will cover costs such as prayer tarp, ground hire, toilets, generators, and security.

Harrow residents are excited to attend the upcoming 1Eid Festival 2023.

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