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Harrow Council to launch borough-wide programme to tackle potholes

Harrow Council has announced plans to tackle the growing issue of potholes on the borough’s roads.

Cllr Paul Osborn, leader of the Council, has acknowledged that the recent weather has created ideal conditions for potholes to form, with rain penetrating cracks in the road before freezing and breaking up the surface.

The council is responsible for maintaining 1,615 roads, many of which have been affected by potholes, leading to a significant amount of repair work being carried out. However, the council’s engineers are constantly monitoring the condition of the roads and have adapted their planned maintenance programme to respond to the problem of potholes.

Speaking in the latest edition of MyHarrow newsletter, Cllr Osborn stated: “With an improvement in the weather, we’re now moving forward with a borough-wide programme of repairs. We’re prioritising those routes that get the most traffic and in many cases are making quick hard-wearing temporary repairs that minimise disruption to road users with more substantial resurfacing to follow.”

Harrow Council to launch borough-wide programme to tackle potholes Harrow Online
Cllr Paul Osborn, Leader of Harrow Council.

Over the coming months, the council plans to resurface more than 60 roads and pavements in Harrow and is working on a comprehensive plan to maintain high standards for the long term. This news will be welcomed by many residents who have been affected by the growing number of potholes in the area.

Potholes can cause significant damage to vehicles because they create irregularities on the road surface that can lead to wear and tear on tires, suspension systems, and other parts of the car. When a vehicle hits a pothole, it can cause the wheels to bend or become misaligned, which can affect the handling of the vehicle and lead to unsafe driving conditions.

Additionally, hitting a pothole at high speed can cause a blowout or flat tire, which can be particularly dangerous if it occurs on a busy road or at night. Over time, the repeated impact of hitting potholes can also cause damage to the car which can be expensive to repair. It’s hoped that the forthcoming improvements will mean a much smoother drive across Harrow as we move into the summer and autumn months ahead.

Cllr Osborn also took the opportunity to wish everyone a happy Easter, acknowledging that this is a very important time for Christians and an opportunity for many people to spend time with loved ones. He added: “Whether you’re observing Easter, Passover, Ramadan or just making the most of a break from work, I hope you enjoy this time.”

As the council begins its programme of repairs, it’s hoped that local residents can expect to see a significant improvement in the condition of the roads in Harrow over the coming months.