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London boroughs launch vision to improve services for council tenants

London boroughs have jointly released a new report outlining a shared vision for providing high-quality landlord services to council tenants.

The report called “Delivering for Tenants: The Foundations of an Effective Local Authority Landlord Service,” was created by the London Housing Directors’ Group with the support of London Councils. The report sets out principles for delivering the highest possible housing standards, going beyond statutory and regulatory requirements.

The report acknowledges the challenges faced by the social housing sector and poor practice in some instances. It also highlights that boroughs are committed to listening to tenants and providing efficient and effective services that meet their needs. In London, more than one in every ten homes is let by a local authority.

Despite this, London’s social housing faces significant pressure, and research suggests that tenant satisfaction levels in the capital are lower than in the rest of the country. The report identifies the poor state of London’s social housing stock as a key factor in this. London has a higher proportion of flats, which makes maintenance more complex, and the capital also has higher rates of overcrowding due to its severe housing pressures.

London boroughs launch vision to improve services for council tenants Harrow Online

The report aims to support the collective ambition of London boroughs to deliver high standards, ensure tenants’ voices are heard and acted upon, and coordinate landlord services with wider council objectives. It proposes five key themes for supporting an effective local authority landlord service: vision and strategy, leadership, management, performance and compliance, and assurance.

Cllr Darren Rodwell, London Councils’ Executive Member for Regeneration, Housing & Planning, said that social housing is a vital part of London’s infrastructure that provides affordable homes for hundreds of thousands of Londoners. However, too often, tenants have had to live in poor-quality housing and receive substandard service. He added that everyone should have a home that they can be proud of, and the report will help make that ambition a reality.

Joanne Drew, Co-Chair of the London Housing Directors’ Group, emphasized the need to drive up standards and seek better outcomes for Londoners. She also highlighted the importance of good-quality homes and tenant services and positive relationships built on partnership. She concluded that as housing leaders in the capital, they are committed to continuing to listen, learn, and adapt as they raise standards.