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Harrow Trades Union Council to hold event at Katie’s Statue

Pamela Fitzpatrick, a representative of the Harrow Trades Union Council, has voiced her concerns about the ongoing austerity and inequality issues in Harrow.

An event has been organised at Katie’s Statue in Harrow, scheduled for Saturday, April 22, at 11am, to draw attention to the situation.

In a Tweet, Pamela said: “For those in Harrow interested in serious politics and issues affecting ordinary people rather than the mud slinging and name calling being used as a distraction. Come along to Katie’s statue Saturday 22nd April at 11am.”

Information about the upcoming event sent to Harrow Online stated that “residents in Harrow, like many other parts of the UK, have been struggling due to austerity measures. They face high rents for poor quality housing and have to deal with rogue landlords who mistreat their tenants.”

Fitzpatrick also pointed out that it is “more likely to be fined for distributing leaflets for a charity than for being a landlord who is breaking the law.”

Harrow Trades Union Council to hold event at Katie’s Statue Harrow Online

She added that “the rising costs of basic necessities such as food and fuel have made the situation worse for low-income residents.

“Many parents have to go without food so that their children can eat. Despite these challenges, politicians have not provided any meaningful solutions.”

According to Fitzpatrick, the current situation is no longer sustainable, and she believes that radical change is necessary to end the vast inequality in Harrow. To achieve this, she has organised a series of events to bring people together to find solutions.

The event at Katie’s Statue is the first step in the Harrow Trades Union Council’s initiative to address the challenges faced by the community.

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