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Woman from Harrow wins big on The Pools using her late mum’s numbers

Clare Goldsack from Harrow has won £3,352 on The Pools after using her late mum’s lucky numbers.

Shirley Goldsack was a lifelong Pools player who began filling in her coupon every week when she was a catalogue representative for Littlewoods. After her death, Clare kept the family tradition going and carried on playing with the same combination of numbers which her mother had always chosen. She was surprised and thrilled to receive a letter telling her that she was a winner too.

“When I opened the letter, I didn’t have my glasses on so I was struggling to read it at first but I could just see the word ‘winner’ so then I grabbed my glasses!” she laughed.


Clare’s family, from Harrow, had been Pools players for generations, and she says that her mum had played regularly right up until her death and had been a winner herself a couple of times. Shirley was such a fan of The Pools that she was the one who encouraged Clare to play.

Woman from Harrow wins big on The Pools using her late mum’s numbers Harrow Online
Clare and her late mum Shirley Goldsack

Now Clare has her mum to thank for winning an unexpected retirement bonus.

“Not all of them become millionaires but to every winner, getting that famous Pools cheque makes a difference and the stories behind even the smaller wins can be just as heart-warming,” said Paul Knowles, director of communications and PR at The Pools.

“Clare’s family have been Pools players for generations, so we were delighted that her mum’s numbers made her one of our winners.”

The Pools was established in 1923 and is one of the first football community gambling companies in the UK. It is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and players can still play for just £1.

Clare, fittingly intends to spend her prize money on treating her own two daughters, Ashley and Tash. For those interested in learning more about the history of The Pools, you can visit www.thepools.com

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