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Some of the crimes reported in Harrow over the last week

Reports were sent to Harrow Online over the last week of various crimes in and around the Harrow area, some of which were also posted out via social media.

Here are a few of the crimes that have been reported in Harrow over the last week. From shoplifting to burglaries, the local police have been working hard to keep the community safe.

  1. Shoplifting at Tesco: On April 17th, a woman in her 20s was arrested for shoplifting in the Pinner Green branch of Tesco. The arrest was made after a small disturbance was reported on social media.
  2. Mobile phone usage while driving: On April 16th, the Roads and Transport police team in Harrow tweeted that they spotted a driver in Pinner using his mobile phone while driving. The vehicle was stopped, and after further investigation, it was found that the driver was not insured. The driver was reported for both offences.
  3. Failure to appear at court: On April 13th, a man from Pinner was arrested in Joel Street, Northwood for failing to appear at court. He was wanted for a possession of Class A drugs offence. The arrest was made by the Pinner South and Hatfield police teams.

Some of the crimes reported in Harrow over the last week Harrow Online

If you witness any criminal activity in Harrow, it is important to report it immediately. You can report crimes by calling 101, which is the non-emergency police hotline. Alternatively, you can report crimes online through the Metropolitan Police website.

It is important to report even minor incidents, as they can help the police to build a better picture of the criminal activities in the area. Your information could be the key to solving a crime and making Harrow a safer place to live. Remember, if you see something, say something!