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‘Heavily disguised’ intruders break into Stanmore house

Harrow has unfortunately experienced two reported burglaries on the Belmont SNT ward, as Constable Toby Wilson informed the residents via OWL.

“Since our last update before Easter, there have unfortunately been two reported Burglaries on the ward,” said Constable Wilson.

The first burglary occurred on Kynance Gardens on the 6th of April at 2030hrs, where the intruder entered the back garden through an alleyway leading to Coledale drive. “Access was gained via a flat roof and then rear bedroom window. The residents have only moved to the area recently,” explained Constable Wilson.

The second burglary took place on Bellamy Drive on the 18th of April at 2345hrs. “The occupants were away when the 3 intruders arrived in a white vehicle and forced the front door. From CCTV, the intruders are heavily disguised. They fled after the alarm sounded,” stated Constable Wilson.

Although there have been no reported car thefts or thefts from motor vehicles in the past few weeks, Constable Wilson advised the residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity. “We have not had any reported cars stolen or thefts from motor vehicle in the previous few weeks,” he said.

In light of the recent burglary on Bellamy Drive, Stanmore, Constable Wilson invited the residents who live on the street to a street briefing at 91 Bellamy Drive from 1300-1330hrs.

“For those residents on OWL and who live on Bellamy Drive, we are having a Street Briefing at 1300-1330hrs re the burglary on the street. We will be located around 91 Bellamy drive,” announced Constable Wilson.

‘Heavily disguised’ intruders break into Stanmore house Harrow Online
Bellamy Drive, Stanmore. Credit: Google Streetview.

He also reminded the residents to take appropriate security measures to keep their homes safe and secure. “We urge all residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity they may witness.

The police will continue to monitor the situation and investigate the burglaries,” he concluded.