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Council’s proposed PSPO for parks in Harrow

Harrow Council has proposed a new Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) that aims to combat anti-social behaviour in parks and green spaces across the borough.

In addition to Town Centres elements that we noted last week, the PSPO will cover all parks and green spaces, including the historic Bentley Priory, and will impose a series of requirements and prohibitions to ensure that everyone can enjoy these spaces without encountering anti-social behaviour.

The proposed order will prohibit littering, unauthorised activities, driving vehicles on park land without prior permission, dog control, and bird feeding.

Council’s proposed PSPO for parks in Harrow Harrow Online

These requirements will apply to all visitors to the parks and green spaces in Harrow.

The PSPO will be enforced with the aim of preventing breaches of the order. Anyone who breaches the PSPO will be committing a criminal offence, and if witnessed, they will be issued with either a Fixed Penalty Notice of £100, which must be paid within 14 days, or a fine or prosecution of up to £1,000.

There will be no discounted charges for breaching the PSPO, say Harrow Council.

The aim of the PSPO is to create a more pleasant and safe environment for everyone who uses the parks and green spaces in Harrow.

The order is part of the council’s commitment to ‘improving the quality of life for residents and visitors’ to the borough.

The proposed order is subject to a public consultation, including a survey, before being implemented.