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Location of 1980’s Harrow photo leaves residents stumped

Harrow Online members were left scratching their heads after a picture posted on their Facebook page had them stumped on the exact location it was taken.

The image, which was captured in the 1980s, shows two people crossing the road with a couple of road signs in the background.

Despite pointing to Harrow on the Hill, Hayes, and South Harrow, residents were unable to place the photo’s location due to the dramatic changes that have occurred in the area over the last four decades.

Azim Yehiya, a member of Harrow Online, commented, “What part of Harrow Town Centre is this? I don’t recognise anything here.”

Meanwhile, Chet Pandya joked about the traffic signs, saying, “I like the traffic directional signs. One way it tells you how to get to Harrow, South Harrow and Hayes. By the other sign, it tells you to go the other way!”

Even after posting the picture on Twitter, @sobishere said, “Trying to work out where this but I’m stumped. My best guess is we’re looking at what is now Katie’s status, but I’m probably miles off!”

However, @paulsnoble shared his insight on the location, saying, “I remember. Or I think I do. Out of view, if you turn right you will end up at the right end of Harrow Bus station.

“Where the cars are is now St George’s. But you would turn left and then go through what is St George’s into St Ann’s to end of the road which is pedestrianised…”

Finally, Lisa Harvey was able to crack the mystery and pinpoint the location. She said, “The building on the left by the left turn only was Adams the furniture shop. This road is now the one way where you alight the bus for the side entrance to St George’s Centre.”

Location of 1980’s Harrow photo leaves residents stumped Harrow Online
The location in Harrow today. Credit: Google Maps

The photo was indeed taken on Kymberley Road, Harrow. Despite the changes that have occurred in the town over the years, the picture was able to stir up some fond memories for residents who were familiar with the area during the 1980s.