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Harrow and Pinner company brings life-saving clean water to Africa

Grant & Stone, a builders’ merchant with branches in Harrow and Pinner, has partnered with AquAid to install watercoolers that make a difference in all 44 of its locations.

As part of this initiative, the company has enabled the installation of a water pump in Manicaland, Zimbabwe, that will provide clean and fresh drinking water to hundreds of people in the province.

AquAid watercoolers were installed in all of Grant & Stone’s branches, with each purchase resulting in a donation to The Africa Trust, which works to bring sustainable solutions to poverty in Africa. This partnership enabled the installation of an Elephant Pump in Manicaland, which is a modified version of a Chinese rope pulley system designed to lift water.

The pump is constructed and maintained using materials that are locally available in rural sub-Saharan African communities and is capable of producing up to 10,000 litres of clean water every day.

Harrow and Pinner company brings life-saving clean water to Africa Harrow Online

Fern Shaw, a spokesperson from AquAid, praised Grant & Stone’s efforts and highlighted the long-term benefits of building sustainable water solutions. She commented, “The positive knock-on effects of building these pumps will benefit the recipients for decades. Implementing these sustainable solutions is only possible thanks to the invaluable custom of businesses like Grant & Stone.

“We are delighted they chose to partner with us on this very worthwhile initiative and very appreciative of their sterling efforts in creating awareness around what their custom produces.”

Gavin Welch, branch manager at Grant & Stone in Pinner, expressed his satisfaction with the project, stating, “By simply installing AquAid watercoolers into all our branches, the company has been able to make such a difference to hundreds of people’s lives, and it’s fantastic to see the Grant & Stone water pump up and running.”

AquAid has built over 8,000 Elephant Pumps in parts of Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe and has donated over £19 million to charity. This partnership between Grant & Stone and AquAid is a testament to the power of businesses coming together to make a positive impact on communities in need.

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