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Harrow Council proposes new measures to clean up housing estates

Over the last week, we’ve been taking a deeper look at the proposed Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) from Harrow Council.

This time, we’ll be taking a look at the element within the PSPO that will cover housing estates, aiming to tackle anti-social behaviour and improve the cleanliness of the boroughs estates.

According to the council’s website, the PSPO will prohibit obstructing the entrances or exits of buildings at estates, potentially causing obstructions that hinder the free passage of pedestrians or vehicles, depositing unroadworthy vehicles, fly-tipping, and bird feeding.

Firstly, it’s hoped that preventing obstructions in public spaces, it improves safety and accessibility for residents. Obstructing entrances and exits to buildings or free passage of pedestrians or vehicles on stairwells can pose a risk to public safety and make it difficult for residents to access their homes or emergency services.

By prohibiting these behaviours, the PSPO can help to ensure that residents can move around their estates without obstructions.

Harrow Council proposes new measures to clean up housing estates Harrow Online

Secondly, by prohibiting the depositing of unroadworthy vehicles and fly-tipping at Housing Estates in Harrow, the council hope the can promote a cleaner environment and reduce the amount of waste that is illegally dumped.

Fly-tipping can create unsanitary and hazardous conditions, attract vermin, and pose health risks to residents. The PSPO can help to create a cleaner environment, reduce the amount of waste that is dumped illegally, and make the estates more pleasant to live in.

Lastly, prohibiting bird feeding can also help to reduce the risk of vermin and damage to property. While bird feeding may seem harmless, it can attract vermin such as rats, mice, and pigeons, and cause damage to buildings and public spaces.

By prohibiting bird feeding, the proposed PSPO can help to discourage the behaviour and promote a cleaner environment.

The council is urging residents to participate in the PSPO consultation to ensure that they crack down on the things that the residents do not want to see ruining Harrow.

Harrow Council proposes new measures to clean up housing estates Harrow Online
Augustine Road, Harrow. Credit: Google Streetview.

Enforcement of the PSPO will be carried out by authorized officers, which may include police officers or community support officers. Breaching the conditions of the PSPO can result in a fine of up to £1,000 on the prosecution.

Alternatively, a fixed penalty notice of £100 can be offered as an alternative to prosecution, which must be paid within 14 days.

The council will review the feedback from the consultation, and a report will be presented to the Council’s Cabinet for approval of the final content of the order.

The order will be finalised and introduced within a few weeks of approval. A summary of the consultation responses will be posted on the council’s website.