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Monday, May 20, 2024
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Harrow’s largest grant-giving funders in the Children and Young People’s sector has restructured its grant-making to help charities survive the Cost of Living crisis

John Lyon’s Charity (JLC), based in Harrow, hopes to simplify its grant-making process and provide longer and larger grants to organisations, ensuring their vital work continues to impact children and young people in London.

“As one of London’s largest grant-giving funders in the CYP sector, we have restructured our grant-making approach to provide larger grants over a longer time period,” said Dr. Lynne Guyton, CEO of John Lyon’s Charity. This change will allow charities to have greater financial security and spend more time on their essential work, rather than on funding applications.

JLC has ringfenced £1 million to support grassroots charities in London directly after lockdown and set aside a further £22 million over six years to support the survival of the CYP sector post-Covid. “It has been a succession of one financial travesty after another for the sector – from austerity to Covid to Cost of Living – and the reality is, we cannot fund every charity,” said Dr. Guyton.

“However, our new strategy will help us focus our funds where they can have the most impact. We hope that this new focus will help the CYP sector rebuild and be strong, and that charities survive this incredibly uncertain time.”

Roda Imam, Project Co-ordinator at Somali Bravanese Welfare Association, highlighted that JLC’s funding has been a lifeline for their organisation, and the new funding approach will help them in the long-term. To find out more about John Lyon’s Charity and its funding opportunities, visit www.jlc.london.