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Plan to demolish Broadwalk Shopping Centre in Edgware gets mixed reactions

Ballymore’s proposed £1.7bn redevelopment plan for Edgware town centre, which involves the demolition of Edgware Broadwalk shopping centre and Edgware Bus station, has received a mixed response from local residents.

One resident who opposed the plan said: “I am not a supporter of the plan for the demolition and redevelopment that is being suggested for the Broadwalk centre. Edgware needs local shopping within our community. We don’t want to travel to Brent Cross, we want local shops and cafes. Barnet has among the most empty homes of any London borough. Fill these before you destroy our environment with houses we don’t want.”

Plan to demolish Broadwalk Shopping Centre in Edgware gets mixed reactions Harrow Online
Edgware Broadwalk car park entrance.

Another resident expressed concerns over the impact the development could have on the already overcrowded community, stating: “Edgware is already overcrowded without adequate public services to support the community it has. The roads are congested and there is inadequate parking. Adding 4000 new homes, without additional public services such as healthcare, emergency care, schooling and parking will exacerbate the issue further.”

Yet another resident who opposed the proposed scheme said: “The proposed scheme is absolutely horrendous and I strongly oppose it. The number of high-rise builds and density of scheme is extravagant and will change the residential area towards the much worse forever.

“No infrastructure, parking issues, no facilities, too much overcrowding and lack of any community feel in an area that should have been developed as a residential hub. Yes, the area needs development, but not this monstrosity.”

The Edgware redevelopment will provide over 500,000 sqft of new commercial and retail floorspace, including a new Sainsbury’s, three-screen cinema, leisure centre, gym, pool, community library, and flexible space for pop-ups and markets. This will bring new amenities and opportunities to the area, benefiting the local community and beyond.

With this in mind, some of the local residents on the Inside Edgware Facebook page, expressed support for the development. One person commented: “I’m really confused over the shock and outrage there seems to be over this. The population is growing and needs to be housed. I think the concern should be geared up to the lack of facilities being provided to cope with the surge. Perhaps focusing your energy on the drs (sic) surgeries and dental practices that will have to keep up with the demand would be better?”

Another resident stated: “I think this is a great idea… we should all be behind this development.”

Plan to demolish Broadwalk Shopping Centre in Edgware gets mixed reactions Harrow Online
Inside The Broadwalk.

The proposed redevelopment plan, which is set to include the construction of up to approximately 4,000 residential units and a maximum of approximately 47,000m2 gross internal area (GIA) non-residential uses, including a repurposed Sainsbury’s supermarket, is likely to have a significant impact on the local community.

With mixed reactions from residents, it remains to be seen what the future holds and we will be following the details to keep residents updated.