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What will Harrow public transport look like in 2030?

The future of Harrow is shaping up to be a dynamic and well-connected hub of public transport. We take a look at some of the current and proposed projects and see what the future may look like in the borough by 2030.

With Transport for London (TfL) proposing a new limited-stop bus route, the Superloop, connecting Harrow to North Finchley, residents and visitors will have more convenient and efficient travel options. This network of express routes will include brand-new and existing bus routes, providing faster and more direct travel for commuters.

What will Harrow public transport look like in 2030? Harrow Online
Harrow on the Hill station.

The Superloop is just one of many exciting developments in Harrow’s public transport infrastructure. TfL has launched a consultation on extending Route 223 to the Eastman Village housing development on Harrow View, which would serve over 3,200 new homes and create new journey and interchange opportunities. This extension would make the Harrow and Wealdstone area more accessible and connected and could be just one of many future projects to improve public transport in Harrow.


Another major development in Harrow could be the completion of the Edgware redevelopment project within the town centre. The proposed transport interchange will see the existing bus garage moved underground and fully electrified to both unlock development and help support the increased use of electric buses across London. The investment of £1.7bn would create a new vibrant town centre destination, improving the quality of life for residents and attracting visitors from far and wide.

The future of public transport in Harrow is not just limited to buses. TfL is also investing heavily in improving and expanding the London Underground network, and this could have a significant impact on Harrow’s public transport options. The proposed extension of the Bakerloo line could see the line extended from Elephant and Castle to Lewisham, passing through Harrow and providing direct access to central London. This could be a game-changer for residents and commuters, reducing journey times and improving connectivity to other parts of the city.

What will Harrow public transport look like in 2030? Harrow Online
Edgware Station, 2023.

In addition to these major developments, TfL regularly holds consultations and public surveys on future projects. This gives residents the opportunity to have their say on changes to bus services, relocation of bus stops and shelters, and major transport projects and developments. By involving the community in the decision-making process, TfL can ensure that any future changes are well-received and meet the needs of those who rely on public transport.

The future of public transport in Harrow looks bright. With a range of exciting developments in the pipeline, including the Superloop, the extension of Route 223, and the completion of the Edgware redevelopment project, residents and visitors can look forward to a more comprehensive and well-connected public transport system.

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