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Changes to bin collection days in Harrow

Residents in Harrow have been advised to be aware of changes to their bin collection days ahead of the upcoming bank holiday.

Harrow Council has announced that there will be no collections on Monday, May 1, due to the bank holiday, and collections will instead be pushed back by one day for the rest of the week.

The council has issued a statement on its official Twitter account, informing residents of the changes and urging them to leave their bins out on both days shown in the following schedule:


– Monday to Tuesday 2 May

– Tuesday to Tuesday 2 May or Wednesday 3 May


– Wednesday to Wednesday 3 May or Thursday 4 May

– Thursday to Thursday 4 May or Friday 5 May

– Friday to Friday 5 May or Saturday 6 May”


The tweet read: “There will be no collections tomorrow due to the bank holiday. Your collection may be a day later than normal this week. Leave your bins out on both days. Have a lovely bank holiday weekend!”

Changes to bin collection days in Harrow Harrow Online
Credit: Harrow Council

The council’s advice to leave bins out on both possible collection days has been issued in order to ensure that no bins in Harrow are missed, as collection times may be subject to change.

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