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Harrow Coronation Road Closures: Full list of all the roads closed

As the United Kingdom prepares for the coronation of King Charles, Harrow is gearing up for a weekend of celebrations with street parties planned across the borough.

With roads closed off to traffic, residents are set to mark the occasion with food, music, and festivities in their local communities. The coronation of a new monarch is a significant event in the UK’s history, and Harrow’s street parties will provide an opportunity for residents to come together and celebrate this momentous occasion.

With that in mind, here is the list of full and part road closures for the upcoming coronation in Harrow:

  • 7/5/23: Whole Road – Kingsley Road HA5, Pinner
  • 7/5/23: Whole road (Marsh Road and Nower Hill entrance points), The Chase – Pinner
  • 7/5/23: The Glen, Pinner
  • 7/5/23: Between Gilbert Road & Crest View – Northfield Avenue, Pinner
  • 7/5/23: High View, Pinner
  • 7/5/23: Whole Road (Including Starling & Ringwood Close) – Cuckoo Hill Drive, Pinner
  • 6/5/23: Ravenswood Crescent, Rayners Lane


  • 6/5/23: Whole Road– St Margarets Avenue, South Harrow
  • 7/5/23: Elmsleigh Avenue, Kenton
  • 7/5/23: Pangbourne Drive, Kenton
  • 7/5/23: Whole Road – Teignmouth Close, Stanmore
  • 7/5/23: Whole Road– Rocklands Drive, Stanmore
  • 7/5/23: Whole Road– Maychurch Close, Stanmore
  • 7/5/23: Heronslea – Pangbourne Drive, Stanmore


  • 7/5/23: Dukes Avenue, Wealdstone
  • 7/5/23: Whitmore Road, West Harrow
  • 6/5/23: Top of the Close – Ferring Close, West Harrow
  • 6/5/23: Howberry Road, Edgware
  • 6/5/23: Whole Road – Wellesley Road, Harrow
  • 06/05/2023-07/05/2023: Between the entrances of Woodway Crescent -Gerard Road, Harrow
  • 7/5/23: Whole Road– Barchester Road, Harrow Weald


  • 7/5/23: Thornton Grove to Oakleigh Road – Royston Grove, Hatch End
  • 7/5/23: Rowlands Avenue, Hatch End
  • 7/5/23: Whole Road– Towers Road, Hatch End
  • 7/5/23: Whole Road– White Craig Close, Hatch End
  • 7/5/23: Hillview Road, Hatch End
  • 7/5/23: Whole Road– The Lawns, Hatch End
  • 7/5/23: Sylvia Avenue, Hatch End


  • 6/5/23: Bradenham to Christchurch – Brampton Grove, Kenton
  • 7/5/23: Whole Road– Beaufort Avenue, Kenton
  • 7/5/23: Whole Road-Glebe Crescent, Kenton
  • 7/5/23: Beresford Road, North Harrow
  • 7/5/23: Woodberry Avenue, North Harrow
  • 7/5/23: Whole Road– Somerset Road, North Harrow
  • 7/5/23: Whole Road– Manor Way, North Harrow


  • 7/5/23: Hawthorn Drive, North Harrow
  • 7/5/23 – 8/5/23: Sandhurst Avenue, North Harrow
  • 06/05/2023: Between Downs Avenue and Hilcroft Roundabout, Hilcroft Avenue, Pinner
  • 6/5/23: Whole Road – St Ursula Grove, Pinner
  • 7/5/23: Whole Road – Leighton Avenue, Pinner
  • 7/5/23: From the corner of Woodhall Road (Farm Road) to the end of the drive at  Albury Drive, Pinner.

The weekend will be busy in Harrow with celebrations and events planned across the borough. We can’t wait to share your photos, send them over to us on the big day and we can post them on our socials.

Featured image by Chris Boland.

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