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New powers to curb nuisance driving now in effect in Wembley

New powers to curb nuisance driving behaviour have come into effect across Brent, including Wembley.

The move comes as a measure to improve road safety and curb the increasing number of drivers who engage in reckless driving.

Enforcement officers will be empowered to issue fines of up to £1,000 to drivers who indulge in any of the following behaviours: racing, performing stunts with a vehicle, revving the engine or using horns to cause public nuisance, repeated sudden and rapid acceleration, causing an obstruction on a public highway, whether stationary or moving, including driving in a convoy, and driving on footways without a reasonable and lawful excuse.

Councillor Harbi Farah, cabinet member for Safer Communities and Public Protection at Brent Council, said: “Our enforcement officers do a fantastic job of making sure that our streets can be used and enjoyed by all, and these powers will mean that they will be able to crack down on flagrant drivers who abuse the rules.”

The new Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) is in addition to the recent PSPOs that were implemented on 1 February 2023 and were agreed at the cabinet. The latest PSPO is aimed at deterring and punishing anti-social driving behaviour, which has become a growing concern in Brent.

The council hopes that the new PSPO will send a strong message to drivers who think they can get away with reckless and dangerous driving behaviour. The measures are expected to promote road safety and ensure that Brent’s streets can be enjoyed by all.