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Police issue warning after distraction thefts in Harrow Town Centre

Distraction thefts have been reported in Harrow Town Centre, according to a statement issued by the local police via the OWL website.

The incidents occurred on 5th May, when two victims had withdrawn large sums of money from the bank and placed their handbags on the passenger seat of their cars.

In both cases, a suspect knocked on the victim’s window, while another suspect opened the passenger door, snatched the handbag, and ran off.


During one of the incidents, the suspect alerted the victim to money on the ground that they thought belonged to the victim. The victim exited the car to retrieve the money, while the second suspect took the opportunity to open the passenger door and take the victim’s purse.

The police have warned that pickpocket teams are skilled at creating distractions, which could be anything from a game to a loud shout, all designed to avert attention while an unseen accomplice steals valuables. The police have advised the public not to be easily distracted and to take steps to protect themselves from theft.

The police have also directed the public to visit their website for useful advice and information on how to stay safe.

The website contains tips on personal safety and crime prevention measures. The police have urged the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

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