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Last chance to have your say as Harrow PSPO survey deadline looms

Harrow Council is calling on residents to take part in its Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) consultation to help restore pride in the borough and crack down on anti-social behaviour and littering.

The consultation has been ongoing since 21 March and will close on 15 May, so time is running out to have your say!

The proposed PSPO covers the whole borough, but is divided into five distinct localities: Town centres, housing estates, parks and green spaces, Bentley Priory Nature Reserve, Pinner Memorial Park, and the Viewpoint. The PSPO will include various requirements and prohibitions aimed at addressing unacceptable and anti-social behaviours in public places.

For example, boroughwide, it will be prohibited to engage in street drinking while being anti-social, to occupy any vehicle or caravan, to consume or possess psychoactive substances in public, to smoke in play areas, and to congregate in groups engaged in anti-social behaviour.

Additionally, careless disposal of cigarettes, obstructing highways or causing annoyance with vehicles, illegal advertising, running events, fires, barbecues, and fireworks will be subject to requirements and prohibitions.

Last chance to have your say as Harrow PSPO survey deadline looms Harrow Online

In housing estates, the PSPO will prohibit obstructing building entrances or exits or the free passage of people on or in stairwells, depositing unroadworthy vehicles, fly-tipping, and bird feeding.

In parks and green spaces in Harrow, littering, dog control, driving vehicles on parkland without permission, unauthorised activities, and bird feeding will be prohibited.

For Bentley Priory, dogs will be required to be on a lead at all times. For Pinner Memorial Park, feeding ducks and pigeons will be prohibited. The Viewpoint will prohibit indecent behaviours and damage to grass areas.

Harrow Council is asking residents to take part in the survey to help shape the PSPO and ensure that it addresses the issues that matter most to them.

The consultation will run until 15 May, so there is still time to have your say. You can find the PSPO documents and frequently asked questions on the council’s website and take the survey here.