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Police update Stanmore residents as car crimes reported

Residents of Stanmore have been warned to be vigilant following a spate of car break-ins in the area.

Local police have issued an update via OWL, detailing the latest incidents and offering advice on how to prevent falling victim to similar crimes.

According to the report, the first incident occurred on Bush Grove on either the 27th or 28th of April this year. Thieves used a device to gain access to the vehicle, before stealing a range of items including snacks, sweets, sunglasses, and clothing.

The second incident took place more recently, on the 3rd of May, when suspects forced open the car door on Uppingham Avenue. The culprits made off with a satnav and radio, which had been forced out of the vehicle.

Police are urging residents to take steps to prevent becoming a victim of these types of crimes. Thieves are reportedly using equipment to pick up the signal from smart keys, even if they are kept inside your home. Once captured, the signal is used to open your vehicle and steal it.

To prevent this from happening, residents are advised to keep their smart key and any spares in a security pouch or metal tin away from doors and windows.

Police update Stanmore residents as car crimes reported Harrow Online
Bush Grove, Stanmore. Credit: Google Maps.

It’s also important to check that your vehicle is locked and secure every time you leave it, as thieves often look for easy opportunities to steal from vehicles. They will usually try the handles until they get lucky and find one that has been left unlocked. Additionally, all items should be removed from view by taking them with you or putting them into the boot.

Residents of Stanmore are being reminded to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the police. By taking these simple precautions, everyone can help to reduce the chances of falling victim to car crime.