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Pinner primary school rated ‘Good’ in latest Ofsted report

West Lodge Primary School in West End Lane, Pinner, has been rated ‘Good’ in its recent Ofsted report following an inspection on 8 and 9 March 2023.

The report highlights several areas of strength within the school and was published on May 11.

The quality of education at West Lodge Primary School is deemed ‘Good’, with leaders developing an ambitious curriculum that focuses on key knowledge and skills across all subjects. Teachers regularly assess students’ understanding and effectively address any misconceptions. Strong subject expertise is emphasized, leading to notable achievements in subjects like mathematics.

Behaviour and attitudes at the school are rated ‘Outstanding’. Pupils display exemplary behaviour, following clear routines and exhibiting politeness and courtesy. The staff-student relationship is excellent, fostering a positive learning environment. Bullying is not tolerated, and leaders actively promote respect and understanding of differences, as evidenced by activities like the ‘annual festival of light’. Students also benefit from a wide range of enrichment opportunities, including extracurricular clubs.

Personal development is another area of strength, with students described as articulate, confident, and self-assured. They are encouraged to take on wider responsibilities, such as serving as playground assistants and house captains.

The leadership and management of the school are rated ‘Outstanding’, with leaders having a detailed understanding of the school’s strengths and areas for improvement. They provide staff with well-planned professional development opportunities and receive strong support from the governing body. The report also acknowledges leaders’ effective safeguarding arrangements, their close collaboration with external agencies, and their commitment to the timely and effective support of vulnerable pupils.

It is important to note that this ‘Good’ rating follows the school’s previous ‘Outstanding’ judgment 13 years ago under a different inspection framework. The report acknowledges the longer gap between inspections due to a legal exemption and highlights that the judgments are based on the current inspection framework and reflects any changes that may have occurred since the last inspection.

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