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Wembley Park unveils list of free summer arts and entertainment events

Wembley Park has officially launched its highly anticipated Summer of Play 2023 programme.

Featuring a plethora of events, including live music, dance performances, circus skills, urban sports demonstrations and arts and crafts activities, the programme promises an unforgettable summer experience for both visitors and residents.

From May to September, Wembley Park will be transformed into a hub of excitement and creativity, offering a diverse range of entertainment for all ages.

The summer festivities commenced earlier this month with the return of the Wembley Park Live programme, now in its fifth year. Presented by Wembley Park and Busk in London, Wembley Park Live treats music enthusiasts to an incredible line-up of live performances every Thursday through Sunday, showcasing a variety of genres from classical to country, folk to pop. With popular acts like Lucy May Walker, John Clapper, and Freddie Joon, the live music performances will take place at the iconic Sound Shell stage in Samovar Space, a striking venue that has garnered praise from both performers and audiences.

Wembley Park unveils list of free summer arts and entertainment events Harrow Online
Credit: Wembley Park

Highlighting the Summer of Play programme is a lively day hosted by BollyRed Dance on May 20th. This event invites audiences of all ages and skill levels to enjoy captivating performances and join in free Bollywood dance workshops. The festive atmosphere aims to create the perfect setting for a Summer of Play which makes for a sense of community and celebration of outdoor arts and entertainment in Wembley Park.

In the coming weeks, we can look forward to an array of other exciting events, including beatboxing performances and skateboarding classes during the Boards, Beats and Bikes event on June 4th. Additionally, there will be space-themed fancy dress kids’ dance sessions with Dancetronauts on August 5th, as well as arts and crafts workshops on July 29th for families seeking a bit of creative and messy fun!

The Summer of Play programme also offers unique experiences such as circus skills classes by Tish & The Circus Bus on June 18th, urban sports demonstrations and Parkour shows by Traceworks on August 20th, and the ultimate dance party with the Speaker Box Street Party in early September. Notably, the Shubbak Festival will present Taroo, a captivating Parkour and circus comedy show that shares stories from streets around the world, on June 30th in Samovar Space.

On July 2nd, the Brent Music Service summer concert will take place in The Undercroft beneath the Olympic Steps by Wembley Stadium. This highly anticipated event will showcase the exceptional talent of young performers from the Brent area, promising an evening of remarkable musical entertainment.

Wembley Park unveils list of free summer arts and entertainment events Harrow Online
Credit: Wembley Park

Renowned Rambert Dance Company, currently touring with its spectacular musical production of Peaky Blinders, will host a day of dance on July 16th. Offering eight half-hour dance lessons in various styles, Rambert Dance Company aims to engage and inspire participants of all ages.

Throughout July and August, Wembley Park will introduce Play Days, a groundbreaking project conceived by the co-founders of the GameCity Festival and the National Videogame Museum. Play Days will transform Olympic Way into an extraordinary gaming platform, where visitors can immerse themselves in interactive video game experiences. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, audiences will have the opportunity to turn everyday objects and even fruits into controllers, engaging with captivating games displayed on giant digital totems. This innovative fusion of the digital and public realms aims to captivate and inspire.

Wembley Park’s Cultural Director, Josh McNorton, expressed his excitement about the Summer of Play programme, stating, “Summer of Play at Wembley Park presents a unique array of formats and mediums, uniting residents, visitors, and performers in extraordinary ways. With this diverse programme of free, family-friendly events, we aim to embrace the spirit of summer and provide unforgettable experiences for all.”