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Two arrested after spree of mobile phone thefts

Officers from the Hertfordshire Police apprehended two males suspected of carrying out a series of mobile phone thefts in the area.

The arrests came after a wave of reports flooded the police on Wednesday, May 17, detailing incidents where unsuspecting victims had their phones snatched by motorcycle riders.

The targeted thefts occurred in various locations and at specific times throughout the afternoon and evening. The victims consistently described the same modus operandi: two individuals riding past on a motorcycle, quickly grabbing the phones from their hands, and making a swift getaway.

The thefts were reported in Bushey, Rickmansworth and Abbots Langley.

The Hertfordshire Police wasted no time launching an extensive investigation, employing advanced tracking systems integrated into the stolen devices.

Their efforts led them to a motorcycle matching the description used in the crimes, which was found parked in Courtlands Drive, Watford. Subsequently, one suspect was arrested at the scene. In close proximity, officers discovered a rucksack containing several mobile phones, which were successfully recovered as evidence.

The investigation took another significant turn when a vigilant member of the public reported witnessing suspicious behavior by two males in Gammons Lane.

Promptly responding to the tip-off, the police, aided by the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Hertfordshire Police Dog Unit, conducted an extensive search of the area. After an exhaustive operation, they apprehended another suspect in woodland off Gammons Lane at approximately 8:40 pm.

Both arrested individuals have since been released on police bail, pending further inquiries. The Hertfordshire Police are diligently continuing their investigation, urging anyone with pertinent information to come forward and assist the ongoing efforts.

Detective Inspector Dan Bhamra, leading the investigation as part of the Three Rivers Local Crime Unit, commended the collaborative effort displayed by multiple police districts and units.

Thanks to their swift response and effective teamwork, the suspects were in custody within hours of the first report, and a significant number of suspected stolen mobile phones were seized.

Detective Inspector Bhamra reassured the victims that their belongings would be returned to them as the investigation progresses.

The Hertfordshire Police urge anyone with information related to any of the thefts to report it online, engage with an operator through the Force Communications Room’s web chat, or contact the non-emergency number 101.

Individuals providing information should quote crime reference ISR 733 of 17/05