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Rayners Lane police to hold street briefings for residents

Harrow residents in the Rayners Lane area are invited to attend two street briefings organised by the local Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Taking place on Sunday, May 21st, at Ravenswood Crescent (1pm) and Drake Road (2pm), these briefings aim to address concerns, promote community unity, and combat anti-social behaviour.

Attendees can also sign up for Online Watch Link (OWL) and become Neighbourhood Watch coordinators in Rayners Lane and other areas within the borough. The briefings offer an opportunity to improve communication with the police and deter potential burglars and vandals.

The briefings hope to improve communication between police and residents, promote a greater sense of community, reduce anti-social behaviour and deter burglars and vandals.

Contact details for the Safer Neighbourhood Team are provided for those seeking assistance before the event.