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Huge fire at Harrow Recycling Centre was caused by batteries

In a recent incident that resulted in the destruction of 45 tonnes of recycled waste, a massive fire broke out at the Harrow recycling centre.

Harrow Council has issued a warning to residents, urging them not to dispose of batteries in their recycling or general waste bins. The cause of the fire has been identified as lithium batteries.

The council took to Twitter to alert residents about the incident and emphasise the importance of proper waste disposal. Harrow Council tweeted, “Do not put batteries in your recycling or general waste! Last week 45 tonnes of recycled waste were destroyed as a fire broke out at our recycling centre. The cause of the fire was lithium batteries. Thanks to @LFBHarrow (London Fire Brigade), the fire was quickly brought under control with no impact to our services or residents. It’s so important the right waste is in the right bin. Batteries can be recycled at the CA site using the container provided.”

The prompt response from the London Fire Brigade (LFB) Harrow unit played a crucial role in quickly bringing the fire under control. Thanks to their efforts, there were no disruptions to the council’s services or harm to residents in the vicinity.

The incident has shed light on the potential dangers associated with improperly disposed of batteries. Lithium batteries, commonly used in various electronic devices, can pose a significant risk when disposed of incorrectly. When damaged or exposed to heat, these batteries have the potential to ignite and cause fires, as demonstrated by the recent incident in Harrow.

Harrow Council has stressed the importance of following proper waste disposal procedures to prevent such incidents in the future. Residents are urged to refrain from disposing of batteries in their recycling or general waste bins. Instead, they are encouraged to recycle batteries at the designated CA site, utilising the container provided specifically for battery disposal.