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New partnership to help protect Harrow and Pinner tradespeople from theft

In a bid to protect local tradespeople in Harrow and beyond from the devastating impact of tool theft, a specialist tool protection and insurance company has announced a partnership with the Independent Builders Merchant Group (IBMG), which includes Grant & Stone.

This collaboration aims to provide comprehensive solutions that proactively prevent theft and expedite the recovery process for affected tradespeople.

Under this partnership, customers of Grant & Stone, who have offices in both Pinner and central Harrow, and are a prominent member of IBMG, will gain access to the companies all-in-one smart van alarm and tracker.

These offerings are designed to offer enhanced protection and swift reimbursement, should the worst happen.

Duncan Jackson, Chief Commercial Officer of ARMD – the tool protection and insurance company, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We are delighted to be working with Grant & Stone and all the companies that are part of IBMG. Tool theft is the scourge of tradespeople and affects 78% of them.

“Together we are protecting their livelihoods with affordable solutions that help prevent theft and provide fast reimbursement if the worst happens.”

Grant & Stone, represented by branch manager Gavin Welch, emphasised their understanding of the detrimental impact of tool theft on tradespeople.

Welch said, “We fully understand how detrimental it can be when members of the trades are victims of tool theft, so our partnership with ARMD allows us to offer an affordable product to help mitigate the risk.

“Supported by exclusive discounts for Grant & Stone customers, we are offering hard-working local tradespeople increased protection at an affordable price point.”

The centerpiece of this partnership is the recently launched ‘plug and play’ ARMD GUARD smart van alarm and tracker. This cutting-edge device silently monitors tools and, in the event of a break-in, triggers an alarm that notifies the tradesperson via phone call.

This immediate alert empowers tradespeople to take prompt action by contacting the police and potentially catching the thieves red-handed. Additionally, the device is equipped with a GPS system that locates and tracks the van if it is stolen.

The ARMD GUARD seamlessly integrates with the ARMD App, which offers a comprehensive suite of features. Notably, the app includes a tool inventory function that enables tradespeople to keep track of the value of their tools. Furthermore, it provides van security, insurance, and real-time tool and van location, all in one place.