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Exclusive: Rides list for Pinner Fair revealed

The highly anticipated Pinner Fair, an event steeped in tradition and history, is just one week away, scheduled to take place on Wednesday, May 31 May.

As excitement builds among the locals, Harrow Online has managed to obtain exclusive access to this year’s rides list, promising a day filled with excitement, thrills, and laughter. All your favourites will be back from the Dodgems to the Ghost Train along with some other additions.

Originating back in 1336, Pinner Fair has evolved into one of the grandest events on the Harrow calendar, attracting visitors from far and wide. With a heritage spanning centuries, this annual fair holds a special place in the hearts of Harrow residents, preserving the essence of tradition while embracing modern tech.

Exclusive: Rides list for Pinner Fair revealed Harrow Online
Pinner Fair 2022

In a bid to capture the thrill-seeking spirit of fairgoers, the organisers have curated an impressive selection of rides that promise to cater to all tastes and ages. From spine-tingling adventures to classic favorites, this year’s fair boasts an array of attractions to keep attendees entertained throughout the day.

The rides list for Pinner Fair 2023 is as follows:

Extreme – Brace yourself for an adrenaline-pumping experience that will leave you breathless and begging for more.

Daredevil – Challenge your courage and test your mettle as you brave the twists, turns, and daring maneuvers of this exhilarating ride.

Dodgems – Take the wheel and engage in friendly competition as you navigate the bumper cars, jostling for position and dodging near-misses.

Waltzer – Spin, twirl, and whirl in this classic fairground ride, where the combination of lights and music creates a vibrant atmosphere of joy and excitement.

Exclusive: Rides list for Pinner Fair revealed Harrow Online
Will you be going to Pinner Fair this year?

Twist – Hold on tight as this twisting and turning ride takes you on a whirlwind adventure, leaving you dizzy with delight.

Crazy – Step into a realm of unpredictable fun as you experience the unexpected motions and surprises of this aptly named attraction.

Booster – Feel the rush of acceleration as you are catapulted into the air, experiencing gravity-defying moments that will make your heart race.

Star Flyer – Ascend to new heights and soak in views of Pinner as you swing high above the fair, suspended from the towering Star Flyer.

Fun House – Engage in a playful and interactive experience within the colourful labyrinth of this whimsical attraction, complete with slides, obstacles, and laughter.

Ghost House – Brace yourself for spine-chilling encounters as you navigate the eerie corridors of this haunted house, filled with surprises and ghoulish delights.

Exclusive: Rides list for Pinner Fair revealed Harrow Online
This one will be back in action for 2023.

Ghost Train – Board this eerie locomotive and embark on a mysterious journey through the darkness, where unexpected thrills await at every turn.

Mirror Show – Prepare to be mesmerized by illusions and distorted reflections as you venture into this captivating display of optical trickery.

Games – Test your skills and compete for prizes at various game stalls, offering classic fairground challenges and chances to showcase your abilities.

Food – Indulge your taste buds with an enticing array of culinary delights, from traditional fair treats like candy floss and toffee apples to a wide selection of savoury options to satisfy every craving.

Additionally, there will be an abundance of children’s rides, so the ride list above does not list all the attractions at the event, just a mere glimpse into what will be on hand for the older thrill seekers – it’s also important to note that the rides list is subject to change.

Exclusive: Rides list for Pinner Fair revealed Harrow Online

As the countdown to Pinner Fair intensifies, Harrow Online will be dedicated to keeping you updated with all the latest news and highlights.

Pinner Fair 2023 is shaping up to be one of the biggest to date.