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Man convicted of brutal murder of former girlfriend in Ealing

Dennis Akpomedaye, a 29-year-old man from Newport, has been convicted of the murder of his former girlfriend, Anna Jedrkowiak, in a brutal knife attack.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, May 17, 2022, in South Ealing, resulting in the tragic death of 21-year-old Anna.

Anna, known as Ania to her loved ones, had finished her shift at a restaurant in Ealing and was walking home with a friend when she fell victim to a premeditated attack by Akpomedaye.

The investigation, led by the Metropolitan Police’s Specialist Crime Command, swiftly identified the culprit through fast-time CCTV inquiries that tracked his movements. Akpomedaye was arrested within 22 hours of the murder, aided by the recovery of evidence and DNA linking him to the crime.

The investigation also revealed the obsessive nature of Akpomedaye’s actions, shedding light on a man grappling with debt, unemployment, and an inability to accept the end of his relationship with Anna.

Anna had expressed fear and attempted to end the relationship, prompting Akpomedaye to make chilling statements such as “We will be together no matter what … I will find you.”

During the trial at Kingston Crown Court, it was uncovered that Akpomedaye had meticulously followed Anna’s movements prior to the attack. CCTV footage established his arrival in London from Newport, followed by his visits to Anna’s workplace and her home in Stirling Place.

On the day of the murder, Akpomedaye purchased a knife from a local shop before fatally attacking Anna near her workplace.

The diligent use of CCTV and telephone records played a crucial role in placing Akpomedaye at the scene and ultimately locating the murder weapon. The investigation team recovered the knife in Gunnersbury Park, along with items belonging to both Anna and Akpomedaye. Subsequent forensic examinations further strengthened the case against him.

Akpomedaye’s attempt to flee was foiled when he sought help for a wound sustained on his fingers from an ambulance driver near Gunnersbury Park.

Man convicted of brutal murder of former girlfriend in Ealing Harrow Online
Victim Anna Jedrkowiak. Credit: Met Police

He was referred to a hospital in London, but his movements were captured by CCTV. His arrest took place at Victoria coach station later that day. Additional forensic analysis linked DNA evidence to Anna on Akpomedaye’s shoe, providing further damning evidence.

The trial concluded on May 25, with Akpomedaye being found guilty of murder. He is scheduled to be sentenced on May 31 at Kingston Crown Court. The devastating loss of Anna has left her family, friends, and communities in both the UK and Poland mourning the tragic circumstances surrounding her death.

The investigating officer emphasised the need to ensure Akpomedaye remains behind bars, highlighting the extreme ferocity of the attack.