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BOXPARK teams up with Carib & Co Brunch to champion black talent and brands

BOXPARK has partnered with the non-profit community organisation Carib & Co Brunch, to launch an initiative aimed at supporting London residents with the cost of living.

The collaboration will provide complimentary brunches and a food bank service to individuals in need, including those on low incomes, single parents, families with dependents, people with disabilities, and individuals with long-term illnesses. The goal is to alleviate financial burdens and foster community engagement.

Carib & Co Brunch, known for their food and cultural events, will organise a monthly marketplace at BOXPARK’s London venue, offering a platform for Black-owned British businesses and young entrepreneurs to showcase their products. Additionally, the events will feature entertainment such as comedy, poetry, and panel discussions covering topics like mental health, finance, and entrepreneurship.

Londoners are invited to visit BOXPARK Wembley on Sunday, June 4th to show their support. The event will feature an impressive selection of Black-owned brands, including Natural Jem, Simba and Sloane, Rxtro, and Playtime with Nini. Comedian White Yardie and Mr Cee will provide entertainment, while Bad Anju’s music sets the mood.

The idea for this initiative stemmed from Carib & Co Brunch’s event held during the 2020 lockdown, which was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and supported the charity Black Minds Matter UK. The previous event raised over £3,000 for the organisation. This year, the proceeds will be used to provide free brunches and a food bank service to support Black individuals and other communities in need across the UK.

To further empower black artists, photographers, and musicians, Carib & Co Brunch will host an exhibition featuring the works of talented Black artists at BOXPARK. The showcase will include pieces from SLD Cartoons, founded by Shakira Lagrin, and divine feminine artist Jay Percy.

Jade Weir-Reid, the Founder of Carib & Co Brunch, emphasised the need for recognition and support of Black-owned businesses. She told Harrow Online: “Black businesses should be recognised and celebrated just as much as other communities. To achieve this, more lending and investment schemes needs to improve the growth of Black-owned businesses but there also has to be an active community engagement in order to maintain such growth. With a spending power of approximately £300 billion, Black consumers collectively hold the key to their future. However, if only 3% of income is reinvested into the Black community by its members – the dream will never be sustained.

BOXPARK teams up with Carib & Co Brunch to champion black talent and brands Harrow Online
White Yardie will be at the event. Credit: Carib & Co Brunch.

“We need everyone (all ethnicities) to replace their usual purchases with products from Black-owned businesses. We are extremely grateful to Boxpark for giving us a dedicated space to hold our monthly events at such a cultural and diverse venue. This will help to bring awareness to our non-profit organisation, Black-owned businesses, black artists, black photographers, black comedians and black musicians. We are creating a legacy for our children’s children – something that has never been done before.

“We thank you for believing in us and our vision. Peace and Love to many more monthly events like this for the future!”

The Carib and Co Market community event in Wembley will be held on Sunday, June 4th, from 12pm to 9pm. Admission is free for children and priced at £3 for adults.

During the event, visitors will have the opportunity to meet and appreciate some of the artists on hand. Anyone interested in attending can purchase tickets here and consider making a donation to Carib & Co Brunch.