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Plans for South Harrow redevelopment rejected

Controversial plans to redevelop the Eastcote Lane and Alexandra Avenue intersection have been rejected.

The current site, comprised of three bungalows on separate plots, would have been demolished to make room to construct a three-story building featuring 18 flats, consisting of 2 three-bedroom units, 10 two-bedroom units, and 6 one-bedroom units.

The redevelopment proposal included several features to enhance the site, such as a communal amenity area with a children’s playground and private amenity space. Additionally, 11 car parking spaces, including two blue badge spaces and two electrical charging points.

Separate refuse and cycle stores will be provided at the rear of the site, along with two short-stay cycle spaces at the front. The development aimed to address concerns raised during initial consultations by making various revisions, including the removal of the fourth floor to reduce the building’s height and scale.

Plans for South Harrow redevelopment rejected Harrow Online

Previous planning applications for the site have been refused, citing reasons such as overdevelopment, insufficient affordable housing provision, and excessive scale and width.

However, the most recent proposal argues that the development would contribute to the national and local housing stock and meet housing targets set by The London Plan 2021.

The consultation process has elicited mixed responses from the community. Some residents have expressed concerns about the existing strain on local infrastructure, citing issues with parking, increased traffic, and the cumulative impact of multiple developments in the area.

Others have raised objections based on the impact on the character and appearance of the neighbourhood, arguing that the proposed building would be out of place in a predominantly residential area.

While the project is located in a PTAL 2 (poor public transport accessibility) area and is not within a conservation area or listed building, it falls within a critical drainage area. The developers have addressed ecological concerns by proposing additional tree planting and biodiversity enhancements.

The controversial plans have now been rejected by the Planning Committee but could be appealed.

The outcome will have significant implications for the future of the Eastcote Lane and Alexandra Avenue intersection and the surrounding community in South Harrow.