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Council approve children’s residential care home in Brent

Brent’s Cabinet has given the green light to a new residential children’s care home.

The project business case was officially approved on 22 May paving the way for a facility that will cater to the needs of vulnerable children in the community.

Thanks to the successful application for capital funding from the Department for Education’s (DfE) Children’s Home Capital Programme, Brent Council has been granted a budget of £1.1 million.


However, this funding is contingent upon the Local Authority’s commitment to providing 50% of the match funding.

The council’s plan involves the acquisition of an existing 5/6 bedroom residential property within the borough, which will be extensively remodelled to create a nurturing home for up to four children.

The facility will not only offer accommodations for the young residents but also provide space for staff and essential facilities/offices.

Council approve children’s residential care home in Brent Harrow Online

This children’s care home aims to provide comprehensive support to young individuals with social, emotional, and behavioral needs, enabling them to remain within the community while accessing local services. By doing so, the facility seeks to facilitate a smooth transition towards independence, ensuring that the children remain close to their family and friends.

Additionally, the home will play a crucial role in enhancing employment, education, and training outcomes for these young individuals, effectively reducing the number of young people residing outside the borough. Furthermore, this initiative is expected to lower the average cost of placements.

Councillor Gwen Grahl, the esteemed Cabinet Member for Children, Young People, and Schools, expressed her enthusiasm for the project, emphasising its positive impact on the well-being of vulnerable children in Brent.

She stated, “This is fantastic news for vulnerable children and young people in Brent, enabling more children and young people to continue to receive care and support in their local community.

“This will promote their sense of well-being and provide continuity at a critical time in their lives to support them to be fully equipped to succeed in adulthood as they become care leavers.”

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