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Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Harrow Council pledge more support for least well-off households

In a move to address the ongoing cost of living crisis, Harrow’s Cabinet has committed additional funds received from the Government’s Household Support Fund.

The substantial package of measures, amounting to nearly £3 million, aims to provide much-needed assistance to families in Harrow who have been hardest hit by financial burdens.

One of the key initiatives is the extension of Harrow’s free school meal provision, which will now encompass support during school holidays.

This expansion will ensure that entitled families receive vital assistance with the cost of food, helping to alleviate financial strain during periods when children are not receiving meals at school.

Furthermore, the allocated funds will be directed towards low-income households, including those with care leavers. By targeting these vulnerable groups, Harrow’s Cabinet aims to offer tailored support that addresses specific financial challenges faced by these households.

In addition to the targeted assistance for low-income families, the funds will also benefit residents who currently miss out on existing Government cost-of-living support.

This approach seeks to bridge the gaps in the support system, ensuring that all Harrow residents receive the necessary aid to navigate the cost of living crisis.

To obtain further information about these measures and determine eligibility, Harrow residents are encouraged to visit the official website at https://www.harrow.gov.uk/benefits/cost-living-support.

The website provides comprehensive details on the various programs available and offers a platform for residents to seek assistance tailored to their circumstances.