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Brand new ‘pop-up parks’ installed in Harrow Town Centre

Harrow Town Centre has welcomed a delightful addition this week with the introduction of brand new ‘pop-up parks’ along St Anns Road.

These charming green spaces aim to enhance the overall ambience of the town centre, providing shoppers with a relaxing and inviting atmosphere to enjoy quality time with friends and family.

The initiative is part of the Town Centre greening programme led by Harrow BID, also known as We Are Harrow, a local organisation dedicated to promoting and improving the town’s commercial environment.

In a recent Facebook post, they announced the installation of the pop-up parks and encouraged residents and visitors to make the most of these new spaces.

Brand new 'pop-up parks' installed in Harrow Town Centre Harrow Online
Credit: Harrow BID

“Our Town Centre greening programme continues, and this week we have installed some lovely ‘pop-up parks’,” read the Facebook post.

“The areas provide a nice relaxing place for visitors to meet friends or family and take some time to have lunch or a coffee. Please treat our parks with respect and use the bins provided for your rubbish so they are spaces that everyone can enjoy. #summer #popuppark #relaxtime.”

As the warmer weather approaches, Harrow residents and shoppers will have the opportunity to take a break, sit back, and unwind while grabbing a drink to cool off from a shopping session in the town centre.

In addition to the pop-up parks, six-tier plants have been introduced on College Road, making the area greener and brighter.

With the initial success of the project, there are hints that more pop-up parks could be introduced in other areas of Harrow Town Centre in the near future, offering even more options for visitors to relax and rejuvenate.

Brand new 'pop-up parks' installed in Harrow Town Centre Harrow Online
Summer planing on College Road, Harrow. Credit: Harrow BID

In order to maintain the cleanliness and charm of these newly established green spaces, Harrow BID has encouraged individuals to dispose of their waste responsibly by utilising the provided bins. This way, the pop-up parks can be enjoyed by all, ensuring they remain inviting and enjoyable throughout the summer season.

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