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Norbury School in Harrow maintains ‘Good’ rating in recent Ofsted inspection

Norbury School, located in Welldon Crescent, Harrow, has received positive feedback in its recent Ofsted inspection conducted on 21 and 22 March 2023.

The school continues to be recognised as a good educational institution in the latest report published on May 19.

During the inspection, Norbury School was described as a vibrant and happy learning community that prioritises care, respect, and inclusion.

The staff and pupils are proud to be ‘Norburians’ and create a safe and nurturing environment for all students. The school fosters a sense of belonging and supports the smooth integration of new pupils.

The leadership at Norbury School demonstrates high ambitions for every student, focusing on their individual development and progression. The pupils actively participate in their learning journey, showing enthusiasm and a willingness to take risks. With a strong emphasis on knowing the students and their families, the school ensures that all pupils make good progress, including those with complex needs.

Behaviour management is a notable strength of Norbury School, with high expectations set for student conduct. Pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and demonstrate exceptional behavior both inside and outside the classroom. The school empowers students by involving them in decision-making processes and instilling a sense of citizenship, valuing diversity and celebrating success.

In terms of the curriculum, the Ofsted report notes that Norbury School has recently implemented changes to enhance subject-specific learning, providing a solid foundation for future success. Teachers are praised for their strong subject knowledge and ongoing training, ensuring the delivery of high-quality education. The school emphasises clear routines, enabling students to remain focused and engaged in their studies.

Reading holds a significant importance at Norbury School, with pupils encouraged to read widely and enjoy daily phonics sessions. The school places a strong emphasis on identifying and supporting students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), fostering inclusive learning environments where students with SEND can learn alongside their peers.

The report highlights the effective safeguarding arrangements at Norbury School, with pupils feeling safe and confident in reporting any concerns. Leaders actively collaborate with the community and local agencies to address the needs of students and families.

While Norbury School was praised for its overall performance, the report suggests areas for improvement. The school should allow sufficient time to embed recent curriculum changes, ensuring proper systems and practices are in place. Additionally, the governing body, consisting of many new governors, would benefit from further training and expertise to effectively challenge the school’s leadership.

Norbury School’s positive inspection outcome affirms its commitment to providing an excellent educational experience for its students.