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Council implements bold governance revamp in Barnet

Barnet Council made a significant announcement during its annual council meeting, revealing a comprehensive revamp of its governance system.

The local authority is bidding farewell to traditional committees and embracing a new executive model featuring a Cabinet and accountable Portfolio Holders, who will be held to account by dedicated overview and scrutiny committees.

The council took to Twitter to share the groundbreaking news, expressing enthusiasm for the changes ahead. They tweeted – “Big news! At our Annual Council Meeting, we revamped our governance system. “Say goodbye to committees and hello to an executive model with new Cabinet and accountable Portfolio Holders held to account by overview and scrutiny committees.”

Council implements bold governance revamp in Barnet Harrow Online

Under the revamped system, the council will now operate through a Cabinet, which will consist of a select group of councillors appointed to specific portfolios. These portfolios will encompass key areas such as finance, housing, transportation, education, and more. Each Portfolio Holder will be responsible for overseeing and making decisions within their respective area of expertise.

To ensure transparency and accountability, the Portfolio Holders and the Cabinet as a whole will be subjected to rigorous scrutiny by overview and scrutiny committees. These committees, comprising council members, will carefully review and assess the decisions made by the Cabinet, ensuring they align with the best interests of the local community.

By adopting this new executive model, Barnet Council aims to streamline its decision-making process, enhance efficiency, and provide clearer lines of responsibility. The introduction of Portfolio Holders will offer a focused approach to addressing specific issues, enabling targeted decision-making and accountability.

The executive model is expected to bring a fresh perspective to governance in Barnet, empowering Portfolio Holders to delve deeper into their areas of expertise and develop innovative solutions. Additionally, the overview and scrutiny committees will act as a check and balance mechanism, ensuring transparency and accountability in the decision-making process.