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South Harrow mum launches GoFundMe to help son diagnosed with brain tumour

A compassionate plea for support echoes through South Harrow as Claire Brahmans initiates a heartfelt GoFundMe campaign to aid her three-year-old son, Theo, who has recently received a devastating diagnosis of a large brain tumour.

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In her own words, Claire shares her heartfelt message on the fundraising page, providing insight into their challenging journey ahead.

“Hi, so where do I begin? I’m Claire, mum of 3. I’m making this page to help my son Theo, who’s turning 3 on Thursday, June 4th. My beautiful boy was diagnosed with a large brain tumour,” shares Claire on the GoFundMe page. The family’s world turned upside down as they swiftly found themselves racing to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), where Theo awaits a critical surgery.

Detailing the current situation, Claire explains, “He’s currently got a drain in his brain to drain fluid to relieve the pressure in his head.” The drain serves as a temporary measure while they prepare for the extensive operation scheduled for Wednesday, June 7th. The surgery aims to remove as much of the tumour as safely possible, although it is expected that Theo will face lasting challenges even after the procedure.

South Harrow mum launches GoFundMe to help son diagnosed with brain tumour Harrow Online
Theo from South Harrow

Expressing her concerns for the future, Claire writes, “We then face the task to fight with all we have to get rid of whatever is left.” Financially, the journey ahead seems daunting, and Claire acknowledges the strain it will put on their family. “I’ve made this page as it’s going to be difficult financially to support myself and three children for the coming months,” she reveals.

Claire’s GoFundMe campaign seeks to alleviate the financial burden, allowing the family to focus on Theo’s treatment and recovery. She expresses immense gratitude to all those who contribute, saying, “I’m extremely grateful to all who help.”

To contribute and support Theo’s battle against the brain tumour, Harrow Online members from South Harrow and beyond can please visit the GoFundMe page using the following link – https://gofund.me/96bb4dea