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Council issues warning against swimming in Hillingdon canals and rivers during heatwave

In anticipation of scorching temperatures that could hit a high of 29 degrees tomorrow, Hillingdon Council has issued a timely reminder to residents, urging them to refrain from swimming in canals and rivers across the borough.

Despite the allure of cooling off in open water, the council emphasised the inherent dangers and advised locals to prioritize their safety.

Taking to Twitter, the council shared their concerns, stating, “Tempting as it is, it’s dangerous to swim in Hillingdon’s canals and rivers, however confident you are in the water.

“Stay safe this weekend and keep out of open water – beat the heat with a dip in one of our fab pools instead buff.ly/3AeTeyO.”

The tweet is a reminder that swimming in unsupervised areas poses significant risks, especially considering the potential hazards that can lurk beneath the surface.

In addition, London Fire Brigade have issued a warning to Londoners about disposable barbecues. London Fire Brigade Assistant Commissioner Pat Goulbourne said: “Of course we want everyone to be able to enjoy the weather but this has to be done safely.

“If you are visiting an open park or space this weekend, please do not take a disposable barbecue with you – they can cause grass fires, especially in hot weather when the ground is dry.

“Last year, we saw how unpredictable grass fires can be and how quickly they can spread causing a significant amount of damage.”

With the mercury set to rise to unprecedented levels, tomorrow is expected to mark the hottest day of the year thus far in Harrow and Hillingdon.

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