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Storm causes road flooding at Edgware bus station

Harrow residents were left shocked as a storm wreaked havoc on Edgware bus station earlier today, resulting in road flooding outside the station.

Footage shared on social media platforms captured the aftermath of the storm, revealing the extent of the water accumulation at the station.

The incident occurred amidst a scorching heatwave that has seen temperatures soar to 30 degrees Celsius, and the mercury is predicted to remain high at 26-27 degrees throughout the coming week. This relentless heatwave has posed numerous challenges for the local community, exacerbating the impact of the storm.

The footage, originally shared on the local Facebook group called “Inside Mill Hill and Edgware,” quickly gained attention, with residents expressing their frustration over the state of the drainage system. One comment highlighted concerns regarding plans to build 4,000 more flats, suggesting that such development may further strain the existing infrastructure.

In addition to the flooding at Edgware bus station, other residents from various parts of Harrow shared images capturing intense thunderstorms and lightning, reflecting the unpredictable and volatile weather conditions experienced across the area.

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