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Brent Council wins prestigious ‘Digital Impact’ award

Brent Council has been recognised for its outstanding achievements in digital empowerment and connectivity as it received the prestigious Digital Impact Award at the Local Government Chronicle (LGC) Awards on June 8.

The LGC Awards 2023 celebrated the council’s tireless efforts in empowering and connecting the borough through digital initiatives. The Digital Impact Award, sponsored by Socitm Advisory, specifically acknowledged Brent Council’s Digital Strategy, which has successfully facilitated the distribution of over 1,000 devices to digitally excluded individuals.

In addition to the devices, comprehensive training programs were provided to ensure that residents could effectively utilize the technology and stay connected. The council’s MyAccount platform, which boasts over 135,000 active users, was also commended for its role in providing residents with up-to-date information on council services.

Councillor Muhammed Butt, Leader of Brent Council, expressed his delight at receiving this esteemed award and the collective effort that contributed to this achievement. He stated, “I am delighted that we have been picked as the winners of this award. This is a huge achievement for all of our hardworking colleagues.

“At Brent Council, we are working collectively to bring about positive transformation, better-informed decision-making, and technological delivery for a more connected and empowered borough. Well done to all officers involved in this award.”

The recognition bestowed upon Brent Council reflects its commitment to fostering positive change and leveraging technology to benefit the community. The council’s dedication to bridging the digital divide and ensuring that no resident is left behind is evident in its successful distribution of devices and provision of training programs. Furthermore, the MyAccount platform has proven instrumental in keeping residents informed about the council’s services, further enhancing their engagement and connectivity.

In addition to Brent Council’s accolades, the LGC Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Carolyn Downs, the former council Chief Executive. This prestigious honour recognizes her exceptional contributions and commitment to public service throughout her career.