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Council’s night-time patrol targets illegal parking and littering in Ealing

Ealing Council has intensified its efforts to combat illegal parking and littering in the Southall area, with a joint night-time patrol conducted on Friday, 2 June.

The operation involved a team of enforcement officers from the council, the police, and Kingdom LA Support, the council’s litter enforcement contractor. Various locations, including The Broadway, The Avenue, and South Road, were targeted during the patrol.

Illegal parking was a primary focus of the operation, resulting in the issuance of 92 penalty charge notices (PCNs). Offences included parking on footpaths and double yellow lines, as well as parking in prohibited areas while collecting cash or takeaways, which obstructs the pavement and poses a safety hazard. Initially, offenders were fined £65 for their actions. Since January 2023, a total of 391 PCNs have been issued by the council during late-night patrols in Southall.

Councillor Peter Mason, Leader of Ealing Council, spoke of the council’s commitment to taking action against illegal parking, he stated, “We will continue to work with our partners to take action against illegal parking, and that includes at night. We welcome communities coming together and enjoying the vibrant night-time economy in Southall, but we expect everyone to be respectful.”

In addition to tackling illegal parking, the council’s enforcement officers also addressed the issue of littering. During the operation, 12 fixed penalty notices (FPNs) were issued for littering offences. Furthermore, several instances of fly-tipping were investigated, resulting in evidence being found in 13 cases. The council plans to follow up on these findings with further enforcement action. Additionally, 36 unauthorised fly postings, and advertising events without permission, were removed.

When encountering individuals engaged in littering, enforcement officers approached them with their cameras recording as evidence. They identified themselves, requested identification from the offenders, and issued fines while highlighting the offence committed. Those found guilty of disposing of litter improperly, as well as spitting or urinating on the streets, were fined £150. This year alone, the council has issued 615 FPNs in Southall for littering offences.