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Sidemen KSI and W2S make surprise visit to Harrow Town Centre

Foodies and loyal fans of the renowned YouTube collective, The Sidemen, were treated to an unexpected surprise when KSI (JJ Olatunji), and W2S (Harry Lewis) paid a visit to the Market Place Harrow,

The dynamic duo, famous for their acclaimed fried chicken brand, SIDES left behind boxes of mouthwatering chicken tenders, creating an unforgettable experience for their followers.

Since its grand opening in April, the Market Place Harrow location has become a landmark destination for food lovers in the heart of Harrow Town Centre. The visit by the influential YouTube stars further solidified the popularity and allure of SIDES as they continue to expand their empire.

Thrilled by the opportunity to give back to their dedicated fanbase, KSI and W2S generously left behind boxes of SIDES’ famous chicken tenders, allowing lucky fans to indulge in the brand’s game-changing flavours. The offerings, including Chicken Tenders, Chicken Wings, Chicken Burger, and Vegan Chikn Burger, delighted taste buds and further cemented SIDES’ reputation as a top-notch purveyor of delectable fried chicken.

Sidemen KSI and W2S make surprise visit to Harrow Town Centre Harrow Online
KSI and WS2 at Market Place Harrow.

SIDES, developed by The Sidemen, has rapidly emerged as one of Europe’s most influential content-creator-driven food brands. Their delectable menu not only features a range of tantalizing chicken options but also includes classic favourites like waffle fries and a variety of authentic sauces, making for a truly memorable dining experience.

Market Place Harrow serves as the flagship third physical outlet for SIDES, augmenting their already extensive virtual presence with over 60 virtual sites. As a testament to their exponential growth, SIDES has successfully established a presence across London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, and the UAE with more locations planned.

Harry Lewis (W2S) of The Sidemen said, “It was great to get the chance to visit our latest restaurant at Market Place Harrow as we look to continue opening more SIDES locations to keep up with the huge demand from fans for our delicious chicken.

“We wanted to give fans an opportunity to taste what we have been cooking up with our new chicken recipe. At SIDES, bringing exciting food to our fans has always been our main goal and we believe that the new SIDES chicken will really be a game-changer on the market.”

Robin Mehta, CEO of SIDES said, “It was amazing to have JJ and Harry down to SIDES at Market Place Harrow to see our latest physical location which brings people of all ages together through the ultimate mix of food and culture in the heart of Harrow town centre.

Sidemen KSI and W2S make surprise visit to Harrow Town Centre Harrow Online
Sidemen in Harrow

“We hope fans enjoyed their tenders which are all made with our new fried chicken coating to give an even more flavoursome and crispy taste experience.

“SIDES is always growing and we have some exciting developments coming up in 2023 as we look to ramp up and develop our restaurant portfolio to 200 physical locations and expand our reach in the UK.”

SIDES at Market Place Harrow is now open for both dine-in and delivery.