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Short film made by Stanmore College students goes viral

Stanmore College students have taken the internet by storm with their thought-provoking short film titled “Respect.”

The movie, which explores the importance of dignity and respect in our daily interactions, has gone viral, capturing the attention of thousands of viewers.

The project was initiated by a group of students at Stanmore College in Harrow who are ‘determined to combat rudeness and promote kindness’. They decided that creating a powerful film would be the best way to inspire change and spread their message effectively.


With the assistance of the college’s talented videographer, Syed Jawad, the students embarked on a journey to bring their vision to life.

To assemble the cast, auditions were held, and the student body voted on the actors they believed would best embody the characters. Twelve actors were chosen, and a production team of four students, supported by Syed Jawad and Minesh Ganesh from the college staff, worked tirelessly on the project.

The entire process, from pre-production to editing, took a remarkable six weeks, with two weeks dedicated to pre-production alone.

The underlying message of the film revolves around the power of choice in shaping our connections and behaviours towards others, regardless of the challenges we face in life. The team aimed to create a universal human experience that would emphasise the principle of respect and its unifying impact on society.

Reflecting on the experience, Ianis Cojocariu, one of the student actors, said, “It was a wonderful experience and improved my way of working in a team.”

Sayamm Joshi, another student involved in the project, commented on the positive impact the movie could have on the college community, saying, “The movie will help improve respect in the college by encouraging students to be kind, empathetic, and supportive towards each other. It will also prompt students to reflect on how they treat others.”

Syed Jawad, the college videographer, was impressed by the students’ dedication and creativity throughout the process. He remarked, “I was really impressed with the students’ enthusiasm and commitment. They inspired me and kept a level playing field for everyone, as all ideas were taken on board. It was amazing to see their ingenuity and creativity.”

Short film made by Stanmore College students goes viral Harrow Online
Image: Stanmore College

The powerful message conveyed by the film aims to expand the minds of young people and make them consider the profound impact their actions and words can have on others.

Although the movie has just been released, it has already garnered incredible interest and received rave reviews.

Stanmore College, known for its inclusive, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere, has now added another dimension to its reputation through this remarkable project.

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