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Harrow library to commemorate Windrush 75

In a special event organised by Greenhill Library, the renowned author and genealogist, Paul Crooks, will grace Harrow with his presence on Saturday, June 24.

The event aims to commemorate the significant milestone of 75 years since the arrival of the Empire Windrush, and Paul Crooks will play a pivotal role in helping Harrow mark this historic occasion.

Paul Crooks, acclaimed for his groundbreaking research in uncovering his own family’s records, will share his remarkable journey and the challenges he encountered along the way.

As an expert in genealogy, his work serves as a testament to the indomitable spirit and resilience of the Windrush generation and their descendants.

The event, scheduled to begin at 4:00pm, promises an engaging and insightful session at Harrow’s flagship town centre library.

Attendees will have the opportunity to gain unique insights into the stories and experiences of the Windrush generation, as Paul Crooks delves into his personal discoveries and sheds light on the broader historical context.

To ensure a seamless experience for all attendees, tickets for this extraordinary event will be available for free but must be booked in advance through EventBrite. This precautionary measure ensures that Greenhill Library can accommodate all interested participants while adhering to any necessary capacity restrictions.

For those seeking further information about the Windrush 75 celebrations and related events, please visit windrush75.org. This comprehensive online resource provides a detailed overview of the planned activities, initiatives, and opportunities to honor and commemorate the remarkable legacy of the Windrush generation.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 24, at 4:00pm, and secure your free tickets via EventBrite to ensure your place at this momentous occasion at Greenhill Library.