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How you can nominate a local ‘Hero’ to win an award in Harrow

The stage is set for the highly anticipated return of Harrow’s Heroes, the flagship community awards organised by the London Borough of Harrow each year.

This annual event celebrates the exceptional achievements, hard work, and unwavering dedication of the people and teams who make Harrow a truly special place to live and work.

Harrow’s Heroes shines a spotlight on the best of the borough, showcasing the incredible stories of carers, food distributors, emergency services personnel, teachers, volunteers, street cleaners, befrienders, and transport drivers who tirelessly contribute to the well-being and prosperity of Harrow.

The winners from the 2022 awards serve as a testament to the outstanding individuals who have left an indelible mark on the community, and why you should nominate people you know that deserve an award too. Among last year’s esteemed recipients was Voluntary Action Harrow, an organisation whose empathetic and dedicated support has uplifted numerous local communities and volunteer groups. Their ongoing commitment to making a difference in a truly unique way earned them a well-deserved place among Harrow’s Heroes.

Another inspiring figure who captured the hearts of the community was Gerry Devine, a compassionate member of the community who has been transforming the lives of Harrow residents for over 35 years. Gerry’s remarkable contributions include providing accessible, safe, and affordable transport to individuals with mobility issues, as well as extending unwavering support to housebound residents.

How you can nominate a local 'Hero' to win an award in Harrow Harrow Online
Team Awards nominees 2022.

PCSO Lee O’Brien of Pinner was also acknowledged for his exceptional service. Through his approachable nature and unwavering commitment, PCSO O’Brien has fostered a sense of security among Pinner residents. By actively engaging with the community, listening to their concerns, providing updates on local crimes, and offering advice on staying safe, he has become a trusted figure and an integral part of the community.

With nominations open until Sunday, July 23 for this year’s awards, the stage is set for a new cohort of Harrow’s Heroes to be unveiled. Individuals and teams who reside or work in Harrow, or those who serve Harrow residents from neighbouring areas, are eligible for nomination.

The Council emphasise that no act of kindness or contribution is too small to be recognised. Whether it is a teacher who has inspired countless young minds, a street cleaner who diligently maintains cleanliness or a volunteer who selflessly gives their time and energy, each nominee represents the vibrant tapestry of compassion and community spirit that defines Harrow.

As the nominations flood in, the borough eagerly awaits the grand celebration of Harrow’s Heroes, where these exceptional individuals and teams will be honoured for their extraordinary contributions. This event serves as a powerful reminder that within every community lies a wellspring of unsung heroes, whose impact resonates far beyond their immediate surroundings.

Harrow’s Heroes is not just an awards ceremony; it is a symbol of unity, gratitude, and collective appreciation. It amplifies the voices of those who inspire, uplift and create positive change, inspiring generations to come to embrace the spirit of community and the transformative power that lies within each individual.

To find out more, and to access the nomination form, you can visit the London Borough of Harrow website link here.