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Car vandalised with steering wheel stolen in Hatch End

The quiet streets of Hatch End were jolted by an alarming incident of car vandalism and theft on Hillview Road that occurred on June 15.

A concerned Harrow resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, reached out to Harrow Online to shed light on the apparent growing issue that has left locals on edge.

According to the anonymous resident, who is a member of the Harrow Online Group, their car fell victim to a brazen act of vandalism, with the assailant shattering the window and making off with the entire steering wheel. Disturbingly, this incident appears to be part of a trend affecting the Hatch End area. Another neighbour reported a car theft from their driveway just last month, and several other residents on the same road have experienced similar incidents.


“I just want to raise awareness so drivers can be careful and take extra care with their cars, keeping them secure and considering additional security measures such as installing extra cameras,” expressed the concerned resident.

The police have been informed about the recent incident, but the anonymous resident harbours doubts about the chances of apprehending the culprits. It is believed that these criminal activities are being perpetrated by organised professionals who possess knowledge of vehicle security systems and specifically target high-end cars.

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