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Vehicle crimes reported in South Harrow

South Harrow has experienced a surge in vehicle thefts over the past few days, prompting authorities to issue a warning to local residents.

Two incidents have been reported, with thieves taking advantage of vulnerable situations to steal valuables.

The first incident occurred near Northolt Road, close to South Harrow station. The owner of the vehicle was away on vacation when the theft took place. The suspect(s) forcefully tampered with the car’s door handle, gaining access to the vehicle.

Disturbingly, evidence indicated that someone had even used the car as a makeshift sleeping spot. In addition to personal belongings, important vehicle documents were also stolen.

The second report came from a car parked outside Bespoke Signs at South Harrow Market. The driver had neglected to close the windows, creating an opportunity for theft. The criminals seized the chance and stole items from a bag left inside the car.

In light of these incidents, local officers are urging residents to be proactive in preventing such crimes. They have provided several prevention tips to enhance vehicle security:

1. Always double-check that your vehicle is locked when you leave it, ensuring the doors are properly secured.

2. Remove valuable items, including stereos and mobile phones, from plain sight. Even insignificant objects like an old coat or loose change can attract thieves.

3. Utilise alarms and immobilisers, activating them each time you leave your vehicle, regardless of how long you’ll be away.

4. Opt for safe parking spaces. If you have a garage, park your vehicle inside and lock all doors. Otherwise, choose well-lit, open areas on the street.

5. Improve identification measures by etching your vehicle identification number onto surfaces like windows, windshields, and headlamps.

6. Mark your equipment, such as your car stereo, with your vehicle’s registration number. This makes it less desirable for thieves and aids in identification if stolen.

7. Enhance security with a steering wheel lock, using it consistently whenever you leave your car unattended.

8. Safeguard your wheels and number plates by installing anti-theft wheel locks and using secure number plate screws.

9. Exercise caution with keyless cars. Before walking away, ensure that your vehicle has locked properly, especially if you use a key fob. Physically check the doors to confirm their security.

PCSO Lisa Saunders, a dedicated Ward Officer in South Harrow, stressed the importance of following these measures to deter potential thieves and protect personal property.