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Wembley Park cleaner goes viral with TikTok video

An unexpected star has emerged from Wembley Park’s cleaning team after a TikTok video featuring Abdulaziz Sufyan went viral.

The video shows Abdulaziz’s incredible findings while cleaning up the Northwest London neighbourhood after Harry Styles’ recent four-night concert series at Wembley Stadium.

So far, the TikTok video has garnered a staggering 7.5 million views and received 1.3 million comments within just 24 hours.

Abdulaziz’s discoveries, which include glittery designer shoes, hot dog costumes, cowboy hats, and an abundance of feathers from fans’ boas, have both impressed and amused viewers worldwide. The feathers, in particular, pose a significant cleaning challenge for the dedicated teams working behind the scenes.

Wembley Park cleaner goes viral with TikTok video Harrow Online

The video sparked discussions about responsibility and environmental consciousness among concertgoers, with over 2,000 user responses flooding in. Users offered tips on minimising feather shedding and raised concerns about the environmental impact of discarded feather boas.

Feathers were reported to be found in various locations, with one user mentioning how feathers covered the streets of Cardiff town centre and another sharing their experience of finding feathers for months at a stadium in Australia that hosted a Harry Styles concert.

Despite the environmental concerns, viewers also expressed admiration for the cleaning team’s hard work and dedication. They applauded their efforts and shared their empathy after witnessing the feathers being collected in large trash bags. Many users praised the cleaning team for their important but often underappreciated role in maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of Wembley Park.

Wembley Park’s cleaning team consists of 15 regular cleaners, which expands to 23 on event days. They begin their work as early as 5:30 am, ensuring that the neighbourhood remains pristine and peaceful for the over 10,000 residents who call Wembley Park home. In addition to basic sanitation, the team tackles various tasks such as graffiti removal, fly-tipping management, and pavement jet washing.

Wembley Park cleaner goes viral with TikTok video Harrow Online
Wembley Park cleaning team

Abdulaziz, who was featured in the viral TikTok video, highlighted the unique challenges they face during events due to the large number of visitors. He mentioned the three-month-long process of clearing boa feathers and the discovery of feathers on rooftops, among vegetation, and in public water features.

Despite these challenges, the cleaning team approaches their work with a smile and takes pride in encountering unique and quirky objects like the ones showcased in the video.

Wembley Park aims to raise awareness about the vital work carried out by cleaning teams in similar neighbourhoods and encourages concertgoers to consider their environmental impact. The neighbourhood is committed to sustainability and provides exceptional experiences for both fans and residents.

With upcoming events featuring renowned artists such as Blur, Def Leppard, Mötley Crüe, and The Weekend at Wembley Stadium this summer, as well as the recently announced 2024 dates for Taylor Swift, Wembley Park continues to be a hub of excitement.

Wembley Park cleaner goes viral with TikTok video Harrow Online

In addition, the neighbourhood will host its own unique events, including Wembley Park Live, the Spanish festival Feria de Londres, and Wemba’s Dream—an annual concert presented in partnership with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.