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Harrow’s War Memorial to be relocated in town centre

Harrow’s War Memorial, which currently stands outside the old Civic Centre, is soon to be relocated to a new site within Harrow Town Centre.

In a planning application submitted by the London Borough of Harrow, it has been proposed that the granite memorial be carefully dismantled and reconstructed in Greenhill, near Havelock Place.

The decision to move the War Memorial stems from the redevelopment plans for the Civic Centre, which are part of the comprehensive regeneration program initiated by the London Borough of Harrow. The memorial, erected in 2005, holds great significance for the local community and its relocation aims to preserve its prominence and accessibility.

The intricate process of moving the memorial will be executed under the watchful eye of a qualified stonemason. The memorial will be meticulously disassembled into several sections and then transported to its new location using a specialist crane. Upon arrival, it will be reassembled and carefully regrouted, ensuring its structural integrity.

Harrow's War Memorial to be relocated in town centre Harrow Online
Havelock Place, Harrow. Image: Streetview

Cllr Paul Osborn, Leader of the London Borough of Harrow stressed the importance of the War Memorial’s new central location in relation to the annual Remembrance Sunday parade.

He stated, “We know how important the Remembrance Sunday parade is in Harrow, and therefore, the location of our war memorial is important too. The new central home for the memorial will ensure it remains accessible to residents and maintains its prominence in the borough. We will, of course, let everyone know the new arrangements for this year’s Remembrance Sunday parade in good time.”

Pending the grant of necessary planning permission, the anticipated timeline for the War Memorial’s relocation is expected to be in the late summer or autumn this year.

This relocation marks an important step in Harrow’s regeneration program, preserving the memorial’s historical significance and allowing it to continue serving as a symbol of remembrance and honour for generations to come.